As the years pass by, the wishes of children for Christmas have changed.  ABC looked at children's letters to Santa in 1913 and compared them to 2013's letters to Santa.  The change in what they're asking for is significant. 

Back in 1913, children asked for simple and basic items, many of them food related.  In 2013, toys not food are the main focus.  Over the years since 1913, children's wishes have gotten more extravagant and more expensive.  It's not candy kids these days want but the hottest toys and gadgets.  See for yourself how times have changed and how Santa has to stay on top of it all!

What kids wanted for Christmas in 1913:

1.  candy

2.  nuts

3.  a rocking horse

4.  a doll

5.  mittens or gloves

6.  a toy train

7.  oranges

8.  books

9.  handkerchiefs

10.  skates


Compare that to what kids are asking for this Christmas:

1.  Furby Boom

2.  Teksta Robotic puppy

3.  LeapPad Ultra

4.  Flying Fairy

5.  Big Hugs Elmo

6.  Barbie Dream House

7.  Giggly Monkey

8.  Nerf Gun

9.  Ninja Turtles

10.  Lego

Amazing, isn't it, to see the difference between the two?  Do you think modern kids are too materialistic?