It's the Halloween season and on radios everywhere "Ghostbusters" will be heard through your speakers. Do you remember when Ray was in legal trouble back in 1984 regarding 'Ghostbuster' similarities with Huey Lewis & The News and their song, 'I Want a New Drug'? I believe Huey Lewis was successful that case but now Ray Parker Jr. is gonna call his legal expert, Larry H. Parker, regarding getting cheated out of massive royalty checks. Right now it looks like Ray's tune is far more popular than Huey's ever was, or will be...ahhh carma.

According to TMZ:

Ray has filed a lawsuit which gives us a peek into just how huge his iconic song was. Ray claims he was entitled to 75% of the gross receipts produced by the song. To put this in perspective ... he claims the song itself accounted for more than $20 million of box office profits.

But Ray says for more than a decade -- and possibly as many as 3 decades -- he's been chiseled out of massive royalty money by EMI and Sony./ATV Music.

Ray isn't telling us exactly how much he is seeking in the lawsuit, but he should be treated to at least a six figure settlement.