Now this is according to The Sun so I'm not sure how much credence we should put into the story but, appearently the  "X Factor" creator had been drinking at Drai's nightclub in Hollywood last October when he met a woman and snuck her past hotel staff into his room. When Simon awoke the next morning, the paper reports that he discovered that the woman was gone along with his computer  which housed many sensitive "Factor" documents.


Apparently she emptied his wallet as well. Cowell's team quickly alerted the police, who worked with the hotel to screen security footage and track down the mystery woman. According to the paper, the computer was eventually returned, though the cash from Cowell'swallet was not. News of the robbery comes on the heels of several other salacious revelations about Cowell, thanks to biographer Tom Bower's upcoming book about the television personality, "Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell." Among the revelations in the book is that Cowell had an affair with "The X Factor" judge Dannii Minogue, who split from the father of her son just this month after four years together. Following news of the affair breaking Monday, former "Factor" judge Sharon Osbourne gave an interview with The Mirror, in which she said that the affair "wasn't a secret." She furthered that Cowell also was seeing two other women, model Jasmine Lennard and make-up artist Julia Carta all the while engaged to former-fiancé Mezghan Hussainy. While "Sweet Revenge" implies that Osbourne left "X Factor" in moral outrage over Cowell and Minogue's affair, Osbourne says that isn't the case. Thanks to Page Six for the details.