LeAnn Rimes' weight has been receiving plenty of attention lately.  Fans have approached her in restaurants and told her to eat.  Her picture is plastered in every tabloid and rumors swirl she has an

eating disorder.  She's taken to her Twitter account many times to try and silence the critics and let the world know she's healthy and not suffering from any eating disorder. 

LeAnn isn't done yet talking about her weight.  She tells Star magazine she's happy with the way she looks and insists the reason people are focusing on her weight is because they've watched her grow up and lose her baby fat.  LeAnn has been in the limelight since she was a teen and says "Everyone has seen my every 5-0r-10 lb. weight loss or gain since I was 13.  Now I've grown into a woman, and my body has just naturally changed."   How else does she explain her new slim figure?    LeAnn  admits  to  following  a strict exercise and diet regime and is a huge fan of boxing to relieve stress and tone her body.  What do you think, will people stop talking about her weight when she stops talking about it?  Is she too thin?