Summer 2011 is winding down.  Yes, fall arrives next Friday.  While I'm sad to see summer go, there is definitely one thing I will not be missing about summer. 

While I'll miss the beach, the nice weather, the sunshine and all the summer things we do here in Central New York, I won't be missing the misquitoes.  Did you think I was going to say the humidity?  Nope, I'd rather deal with that then all the misquitoes.  They seem to target me the second I walk outside.  It doesn't matter if it's early morning, midday, later afternoon, evening or the middle of the night.  If I'm outside, they will find me and attack!  When I was out walking this morning, I had three bites within five minutes.  I know plenty of people who never seem to get a misquito bite.  Lucky them!  Summer, I'll miss you but not these itchy misquito bites!