If you're a dog lover, this story from ABC News will tug at your heart strings.  Who says man is dogs best friend?

Tanner is a Golden Retriever who was born blind and with a seizure disorder.  He was taken to a rescue organization after his owner passed away.  At one point, Tanner was seizing every day and doctors recommended he be put down.  That all changed when Blair arrived at the rescue home. 

Blair is a stray black Lab that was shot.  He was a little skittish when he first arrived at the home.  Blair and Tanner hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.  Tanner hasn't had a seizure since Blair arrived and Blair is more friendly and trusting now.  Blair is not only Tanners best friends, he's his eyes too.  The Lab leads his new pal around by his leash.

The rescue organization is hoping someone will give both dogs a good home.  The only catch, they have to be adopted together.  Afterall, Blair is Tanner seeing eye dog.

Watch this video to learn more about this special friendship between two dogs.

Source: ABC News