What’s in Your Tap Water, CNY?
The Environmental Working Group (EWP) put together a water quality database you can search, simply by entering your zip code. Their information is based on water testing data from the Environmental Protection Agency, from 2010 to 2015.
Camden Named One Of The Most Redneck Cities In New York
When you use the term "Redneck" it can be viewed one of two ways: 1) an insult, 2) a major compliment. In the case of Camden, and this story, you can decide whether or not its a compliment. Recently, Camden was named the 10th most Redneck City in New York State.
Camden Baby With Rare Disorder Has Brain Surgery [PHOTOS]
Lexi Relyea of Camden may only be 19 months old, but she's gone through more than most of us do in our life time. She was born six weeks early and was diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder. Lexi has a stain on her face and glaucoma in her eye. She had two surgeries befor…