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Things Only Central New Yorkers Can Brag About
California may have sunshine, beaches and Hollywood. Mickey Mouse and fresh oranges can be found in Florida but there are a few things that only comes from Central New York. Here's 11 things we can brag about besides New York City.
Interesting Facts about Dick Clark
America's oldest teenager Dick Clark is being mourned around the nation.  He passed away at the age of 82 after a massive heart attack.
Dick Clark has several ties to Central New York, including a diploma from Syracuse University and his first job at WRUN in Utica.  But there are a num…
The 5 Most Famous People Originally From Utica
The people of the Utica area are proud of many things, including those from the area who’ve gone on to become famous. At least three generations of Utica area residents have admired some their famous neighbors - pop culture icons Annette Funicello and Dick Clark, baseball player Dave…