Say Goodbye to Regretsy With These Strange Etsy Finds
Listen up everyone-- grab the tissues and prepare to shed a few tears. The beloved blog Regretsy is going to be kaput very, very soon. Founder April Winchell recently announced that after three-and-a-half years, the DIY meets WTF site will be turned into one big archive on February 1st. Readers can …
10 Awesome Christmas Decorations from Etsy
Etsy is basically a place where all the crafty people of the world go to sell their awesome stuff. Particularly when the holiday season rolls around, Etsy is one of our go-to spots to snag one-of-a-kind presents. (But you can also get some rad Christmas decor for yourself there, too!)
The Cutest Kids Clothing On Etsy
Kids have the cutest clothes.  Ask any Mom and they'll tell you they could spend a small fortune on cute clothes for their kids.  If want clothes you won't see on every other kid at the playground,   I found a website with some really cute kids clothes that I thought you mig…