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This Ad Hopes To Convince You That We Need New Gun Laws [POLL]
It's clear that new gun control legislation is the hottest political subject these days. Compelling arguments for both sides of the issue can be seen on social media and withing our legislature. A message from States United To Prevent Gun Violence calls for an update to our antiquated gun laws.…
5 Reality TV Shows Featuring Gun Violence [VIDEOS]
If you've ever doubted that there is just too much gun violence in our country you may not after watching a few episodes of these shows. We've chosen reality TV shows since they are based on real life events in some of the most beloved cities of our country.
Mom Pulls Gun On Another Mom At Chuck E. Cheese [VIDEO]
First off, miraculously no one was hurt in this incident. Monday night, February 4th around 8pm in Newington, Conn., police arrested 30-year-old Tawana Bourne after she allegedly pulled a loaded gun during an argument with another parent in a Chuck E. Cheese children's restaurant. A witness claiming…