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NBC Giving Jessica Simpson an Autobiographical Sitcom?
While NBC has mostly struggled in the comedy department over the last few years, such critical gems as 'Community,' '30 Rock,' 'Parks and Recreation' and even 'The Office' failing to bring in the big ratings, the network's recent success in the last year may lead them to some bolder choices. To that…
Jennifer Hudson Joins Jessica Simpson With Weight Watchers
A spokeswoman for the weight loss company Weight Watchers has confirmed that Jennifer Hudson has joined Jessica Simpson to shed some serious pounds. reported Wednesday that they both discussed their lifelong struggles with their weight and body image with Weight Watchers and both have had…
Jessica Simpson Shows Off Naked Baby Bump
Bumpin' and proud!
While Jessica Simpson may have concealed her second pregnancy for a few weeks, now the singer/actress/fashionista is showing off her baby bump and proudly! In a new photo shared on Twitter, Simpson shows off her bare belly.
Jessica Simpson Struggles to Shed Baby Weight
Since delivering daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson on May 1, Jessica Simpson has been determined to shed the baby weight. Because she had a C-section, though, she was on doctor’s orders to not work out for at least six weeks, and Weight Watchers even stepped in to help her reach her goal…
Jessica Simpson is Ready to Slim Down
And she'll get paid for it. Less than one month after giving birth to her first child, Maxwell Drew, Jessica admitted that she is ready to get her pre-baby body back after she gets the go ahead from her doctor. She told People, that she's ready to make a permanent change.

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