Myspace Garners 1 Million More Users Last Month
Is a great Internet comeback story in the works? Myspace, the presumed-dead social networking site that was purchased by a group including Justin Timberlake, has revamped itself as a music-listening destination and added more than 1 million new users last month.
Justin Timberlake Talks MySpace TV, Debuts Scruffy Look
Justin Timberlake debuted a new look this week, stepping out with a full beard. The newly engaged star was entertaining techies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (where another Justin will promote a robot company today). Timberlake he was on hand to discuss his plans for MySpace&Clo…
Local Talents Get Sent To The X-Factor In Dallas!
Ever watched Simon Cowell's show, the X-Factor? (It's how Leona Lewis got her start in the music biz.) Out of 29 contestants who auditioned last night at the Tramontane Cafe, Sauqoit singer/songwriter Bryan James (Palmer) and Utica teen singer, Alexandria Corn,  and are being flown to…
Trouble At MySpace
MySpace has been trying to re-brand itself as a site full of entertainment, comedians, and musicians. MySpace isn't able to keep up with Facebook and sources are reporting that MySpace will layoff off half of its staff.