Tina Fey Has Current Best Selling Celebrity Book
Been to a bookstore lately?  So many different celebrity books to pick from.    Who has the book everybody wants to read?  That would be Tina Fey.  Her  new book, "Bossypants," is currently the best selling celebrity tell-all book, according …
Salma Hayek New Affordable Beauty Line
Salma Hayek is 44-years-old but you can hardly tell judging by her almost wrinkle-free appearance. However, the actress doesn’t thank surgery for that, instead it’s all about good genes and family beauty secrets she claims.
New Glee Album Reveals Upcoming Songs
We've got the track listing for the latest Glee album and there are a few songs on there that haven't premiered yet. So, should you wish to remain surprised, we suggest reading no further than this point.
Stevie Nicks Stops By Glee
Glee was visited by Stevie Nicks yesterday while they were shooting scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow. Her visit was a surprise to the kids as Dianna Agron raved on her Twitter that it was a "wonderful and unexpected day."
Elton John Predicts Lady Gaga’s Career
Sir Elton John is praising Lady GaGa once again and says she will a long career because she is so "amazingly polite and respectful" to her entourage and fans. She may be to her fans, but her dress choices are a little out there!
Michael Douglas Beats His Cancer!
We all know someone who has been affected with cancer. It's always great to hear a good story like this. Michael Douglas, after months of battling, has finally beaten cancer! "I feel good, relieved. The tumor is gone. But, you know, I have to check out on a monthly basis now to maintai…
A New Ghostbusters Flim In The Works?
Looking to see a new Ghostbusters movie? Well you may be in luck because according to Ivan Reitman, producer and director of the first two Ghostbuster movies, a third Ghostbuster film is closer to becoming a reality.
New Sandra Bullock Dating Rumor
Here’s some celebrity gossip for your Monday workday: According to, despite her denials, it looks like there is something going on between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds!

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