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5 Reality TV Shows Featuring Gun Violence [VIDEOS]
If you've ever doubted that there is just too much gun violence in our country you may not after watching a few episodes of these shows. We've chosen reality TV shows since they are based on real life events in some of the most beloved cities of our country.
Wesley Clark Jumps On The Reality Bandwagon
Add former Allied Nato Commander and retired Army General Wesley Clark to the list of people with a reality show.  However, this one isn't going to be like 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians."
10 Famous Families That Deserve Reality Shows
Go ahead E!, make our day… by making Clint Eastwood's reality show. TMZ recently broke the news that this cinematic icon's family will soon be getting the Kardashian treatment. Plastic surgery and quickie divorces? No. A camera crew following the Eastwoods’ every mov…

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