Please Clean Off That Car If You Must Drive
It's bound to happen.  Someone is anxious to get home and worried about the condition of the roads.  They clean off their driver's window and enough of the windshield to see the front of the car.  Maybe they figure the extra weight of the snow on the car will give them bette…
Snowed-In JR Raids The Lite Fridge
It's understood that you just never take food from the refrigerator in the staff break room, unless it's yours.  Nice people just don't steal food from co-workers. However, when we find ourselves snowed-in here at the radio station, I think the rules may change.
Which Snacks Did We Buy For ‘Stella’
Moms were quite sure that their kids would be home from school today, and thinking that maybe the entire family might be snowbound.  When that happens, you need bread, eggs, water and all the basics.  But what about the important stuff...