4 Reasons Why Roseanne Barr Should Re-tweet Dave Wheeler
For weeks I’ve been pouring my little heart out on Twitter. I’ve tried religiously to get a re-tweet from Roseanne Barr. I grew up watching Roseanne on TV, and in my eyes, I was part of the Connor family. Now at an older age, I feel shut out by momma Roseanne and hope…
NASA Lands Rover on Mars: Pop Stars React on Twitter
It took eight-and-a-half months for the NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to reach the Red Planet aka Mars. The rover landed at 1:31AM ET on Monday, Aug. 6. Once the rover hit its target, the digital space was abuzz with the news. Mars is a crucial location in sci fi literature, lore and film, so naturall…
Sad! Boo the Pomeranian Victim of Cruel Twitter Death Hoax
Despite cruel Twitter rumors that he had died in his sleep or drowned in a duck pond, ultra-cute pup Boo the Pomeranian is very much alive and well and recently posted a statement on Facebook to prove it. Yay! Were you as distraught as us when you heard the false reports?

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