Taylor Swift isn't comfortable sitting back and enjoying her extremely successful career.  Nope.  Swift is all set to begin writing songs for her next album.  In fact, she's feeling anxious. 

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Despite the fact that her latest and fourth album "Red" has only been out for about eight months, Swift revealed backstage at the CMA Music Festival that she's starting to get anxious and that means only one thing.

All the anxiety is starting.  When the anxiety starts, the writing happens right after, usually.

Swift usually takes about two years to write an album, because typically what she writes in the first year sounds like her previous album, so it gets scrapped.  The material written in the second year is what she goes with.

She also acknowledges that it's important to make each album sound different and "change up your influences."  I wonder what guys will inspire her this time around?