Being a Central NY football fan I've watched many games with Giants. Jets and Bills fans. One thing we have in common is the desire to watch the game, even if it's blacked-out. Well, depsite the option for an eased blackout policy, in order to see games on local television in 2012-13, The Buffalo Bills will still need a full sell-out.

According to the Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills have declined to participate in the newest NFL policy that allows individual teams to set their blackout limits to as low as 85 per cent.

" We are a volume-based business, and for us to be successful, we need to keep our ticket prices low and sell a greater number of tickets," Bills CEO Russ Brandon said according to the report.

The Bills are not the only team to (opinion) choose money over the fans,  the Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers are other small market teams that have announced they will not participate in the relaxed blackout policy.