For a while now we've been hearing about the micro-brewing industry growing in Upstate New York and now the Fulton Chain Craft Brewery Company is planning on bringing a nano-brewery and tasting room to the Old Forge region. Through Kickstarter they are getting the message out about their craft brewery plans. They are also looking for investors.

CNY Homepage reports:

For Justin Staskiewicz, home brewing started as a hobby but it's about to become his livelihood.

"I really did it just because I wanted fresh beer and then as the beer kept turning out better and better, I was like this is something I could do for a living and it was kind of like a pipe dream,”


"Go to a place like old forge and it's a really kind of a melting pot I guess you could say of tourism, you have people that have really high end camps there, you have people coming through camping, you have snow mobilers, skiers,” says business partner Richard Mathy.

They'll use local crops from local growers and their goal is to have a low key opening celebration in early spring 2015. If that goes well, plan on a grand opening in June.