Who doesn't want to save money on groceries, right?  These are three tips for saving money while grocery shopping but how realistic are they?

While flipping through TV shows the other night, I saw a fascinating show on grocery stores and how they get shoppers to spend money.  The interviewer talked to Martin Lindstrom, author of several books including "Buy-ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy."

Lindstrom offered three tips for saving money at the grocery store.  My question to you is how realistic are these?

1.  Never shop with your kids.  While the concept is understandable, for modern families who are juggling many jobs to make ends meet, I'm not sure how practical this advice is.  Will you spend more money if your kids are with you?  Probably a bit more but just like parents can say no at home, they can also say no at the grocery store too.

2.  Don't use a cart.  This tip to me is totally unrealistic.  Lindstrom suggests carrying your groceries as a way to save money because whatever you can carry is all you need.  Unless you have the time to grocery shop several times a week, not using a cart isn't realistic or practical.   I tried it last night and it just wasn't possible to get a weeks worth of groceries without a cart.

3.  Don't pay with a credit card.  Lindstrom suggests paying with one hundred dollar bills because it's more painful.  Of his three suggestions, this one is the most realistic.  Not using hundred dollar bills, per say, but paying for groceries with cash not credit.

What do you think?  Are his suggestions realistic for you and your shopping habits?