Living in Central New York means you’ll experience winters unlike many other states. One city in New York leads the pack in the annual winter contest.

Decembers and Januarys require layers, more layers, gloves, snow boots, and a guy you can call to plow your driveway. Although these aspects of an Upstate NY winter can be tedious and straight-up cold, CNY’s winters also gift the opportunity of snow. From the frosted trees to the fields of soft white, being immersed in the winter snow can make your everyday car ride to work naturally enchanting.

Every year, the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest helps those enduring cold winters appreciate and have fun with the rising snowfall. The contest measures the total snowfall during “snow season” which takes place between July 1st through June 30th of the next year for U.S. cities that have a population over 100,000. This makes those who live and experience these big white winters enthusiastic as they root and bet against which city will win as the snowiest city of the year.

In the 2021-2022 season, Buffalo took 1st place in the National Snow Contest, beating both cities in Alaska and Colorado with its total snowfall of 97.4 inches. In the 2022-2023 season, Buffalo became the contest’s projected two-time winner with a total snowfall surpassing its previous year's fall with 123.5 inches.

But, Buffalo's win is being challenged this year. As the contest’s page continues to get updated, Buffalo is falling greatly behind as it is currently holding a strong 2nd place slot this year. Based on the website’s last update, Buffalo, NY has a snowfall total of 50.8 inches. Its first-place successor is Anchorage, Alaska; their total snowfall is 87.7 inches.

This year, other 2 Upstate NY cities also have ranked in this competition’s top 10. In 5th place, Rochester, NY stands with a snowfall total of 32.9 inches and in 10th place, Syracuse, NY stands with a snowfall total of 26.0 inches. Still, the question lies- will Buffalo be able to catch up?

To engage with the fun, you can root for your closest NY city that qualifies and stay updated on the Golden Snow Globe National Contest here. May the snowiest city win.

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