One New York City made a list as being a home to the most appealing city for this in America. conducted a survey of 3,000 professionals are considering a career switch. Out of the top 100 cities listed, one New York city is considered among the most appealing for a career switch among professionals: Buffalo was the 48th most popular.

Known for its resurgence in recent years, Buffalo offers a diversified economy with growing sectors in healthcare, education, and green energy. The city has a rich cultural heritage, with notable architecture, arts institutions, and a strong food scene. Buffalo's waterfront revitalization and community initiatives have enhanced its quality of life, making it appealing for professionals and families alike."

So if you're looking for a new gig, Buffalo is the place to go.

Buffalo Bills Shout Song Featured On American Idol

It is still Auditions Week for American Idol, and every singer wants to stand out, right? That’s why song choice and delivery are so important when it comes to auditioning for American Idol.

One singer that really stood out for both song choice and his enthusiastic performance was Jon Lindsley. Lindsley performed his audition song with his brother on the guitar, and it is a song that the Bills Mafia will know very well. The Shout Song, of course.  While Lindsley is a saw mill operator from Waco, Texas, it seems unlikely that he is part of the Buffalo Bills fanbase, but we still love to see when people get into the Shout Song.

You can watch the performance online here.

Experts Warn New Yorkers to NOT CARRY These 7 Items in Your Wallet

Your wallet is so overstuffed with things if stolen could cause some harm. Experts, including the Federal Government, say these are 7 things New Yorkers shouldn't be carrying.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

Own Legendary TV History- Sopranos Booth From Final Episode For Sale

Holsten's, the diner used for the famous last scene, posted on Facebook on the booth is up for grabs on eBay. You can learn more on eBay here.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

UFO Sighting Over Central New York February 24th 2024

It's been a busy end of February for Central New York and UFO sightings. Did you see these crazy lights over Utica?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler



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