You don't want to spend Valentine's Day alone. 1 New York police department has a date for you.

Do you have an active warrant? Don't spend Valentine's Day alone! The Town of Manlius Police Department has your plans:

- We promise a free & safe ride
- An in-depth conversation
- Plans for a second (court) date!
- Give us a call & let us help you make plans!"

At present, there are nearly seven million outstanding warrants in the United States. There were more than 1.6 million outstanding warrants in New York City. Of the outstanding warrants, 1.3 million were for criminal summonses, which included offenses like drinking alcohol in public or littering.  Warrants are typically issued when someone fails to show up to court. An open warrant can lead to an arrest in cases where otherwise the police officer might issue a ticket.

Federal arrest warrants remain valid indefinitely in most cases. Federal search warrants expire after a defined period, typically 10-30 days. Federal bench warrants for failure to appear do not expire."

Understanding Warrants in New York:

Michael A. Arbeit points out the differences:

Arrest Warrant: An arrest warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate when law enforcement officers have provided sufficient evidence to establish probable cause that a person has committed a crime. This authorizes the police to arrest and detain the individual named in the warrant.

Bench Warrant: A bench warrant is typically issued by a judge when an individual fails to appear in court as required. It is often issued for minor offenses, such as traffic violations, or for individuals who have violated the conditions of their probation or parole. This allows law enforcement to arrest the person and bring them before the court.

Search Warrant: A search warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate and allows law enforcement officers to search a specific location, such as a home, vehicle, or business premises. To obtain this legal document, law enforcement must demonstrate probable cause that evidence of a crime or contraband is likely to be found in the location to be searched.

Extradition Warrant: An extradition warrant is issued when a person who is wanted for a crime in one jurisdiction is located in another jurisdiction. It is a legal document that authorizes the transfer of the individual from the jurisdiction where they were apprehended to the jurisdiction that issued the warrant.

Civil Warrant: A civil warrant is issued in civil cases, typically to enforce judgments or court orders. It may be used, for example, to seize property or assets to satisfy a debt or enforce child support payments.

It’s always advisable to consult the specific laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction for more accurate and detailed information.

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