The state of New York is a place that many famed entertainers are proud to call home. Between New York City alongside Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Utica, and even smaller cities and towns, there’s so many people from across the state who have made a career on the silver screen. Given that New York is home to things such as a number of late-night TV shows like Saturday Night Live, TV production studios, arts schools and universities, and a healthy and flourishing artistic culture throughout the state, it’s no surprise that many talented actors and actresses have broken through and formed long-lasting careers in Hollywood.

Many legacy actors have had long careers, meaning they’ve starred in movies for decades. Gen-Z'ers, like myself, aren’t as familiar with a lot of actors and actresses who starred in movies and TV shows before our time (which I’m claiming for me as the 2010s onwards). Although there are many legacy actors that have continued their success into recent times and remained household names, however there are many that have not appealed to the current generation.

I’ve compiled a list of some well-known actors and actresses that I either have never heard of, or have heard of but am not aware of what they’re in. As I’m not an avid movie-watcher, this list is stacked with names I’m aware have had great influence on the film and TV industry, yet are stll people I am not familiar with. Hold on and grab a seat, as I’m aware some of these may be shocking.

10 Actors from NY State Gen-Z May Not Know

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