Are you ready to travel to 10 different countries without ever leaving New York State? Seriously, this is fun and easy.

New York is one of the states in the United States that has a large population of visitors interested in tourism. We have 11 unique regions that people from all over the world like to explore. Each area has something amazing to offer whether it's food, entertainment, or just general sights to see.

New York’s tourism businesses become both visitor destinations and economic drivers in an array of dynamic settings, from awe-inspiring city lights to high mountain peaks, sandy beaches, scenic lakes and world-renowned wine and craft beverage trails. - Empire State Development

Did you know that you can visit different counties all within New York State? Maybe you've wanted to plan an international trip but don't have the funds to do so. Now you will have the ability to say "Oh yes, I have been to ______" without ever leaving our great state.

From Mexico to Poland and everywhere in between, there's 10 different places in New York you can visit to say you went to a different "country." Granted, it may not have the same impact as the country you wanted to visit does, but maybe the locations in New York have their own memorable sights. And let's be honest, are you really leaving the country to explore? Probably not.

Theoretically, you could visit all of these places in one weekend. It may not be as exciting as the real deal, but hey, close enough. Here are those places to check out:

Travel To 10 Different Countries Without Leaving New York State

Are you ready to travel to 10 different countries without ever leaving New York State?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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25 Most Irish Cities In New York State

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Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler



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