A new study has identified the high-end fashion brands New York is most obsessed with. Did your favorites make the list?

The study analyzed Google searches for designer fashion brands to determine the ones New York loves the most. The study, conducted by t-shirt brand Chummy Tees, analyzed nationwide and regional Google searches for luxury fashion brands, to identify the clothing lines people are most keen to own.

Louis Vuitton is the most sought-after choice when it comes to splashing the cash on fashion, with Gucci and Ralph Lauren also claiming a spot in the top three. New research names New York's favorite luxury brands and Louis Vuitton comes out on top.

It also turns out Louis Vuitton is the label New York is most desperate to get its hands on, as it is by far the most searched for, averaging a whopping 265,362 searches per month. Following as the next most favored high-end clothing line in New York is Gucci, with an average of 132,864 monthly searches, which, although it is still clearly loved, is 50% less than the number of searches for Louis Vuitton. Ralph Lauren ranks third in New York with an average of 124,286 monthly searches. The fourth and fifth most popular luxury brands are Coach and Tory Burch, with 112,145 and 104,244 average monthly searches.

Here's a look at the top 10:

RankDesigner BrandAvg. Monthly Searches
1Louis Vuitton265,362
3Ralph Lauren124,286
5Tory Burch104,286
6Michael Kors94,038
9Kate Spade81,187

You can read more and the full story online here.

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