The calendar may say we've been in spring for over a month, but as Central New Yorkers, we know we can't trust that. We do know however, that spring has finally arrived, and here's how...

It may have taken long enough to arrive, but spring is officially here. And we know it's finally here to stay. After being teased with warmer weather (back in February, when we had a few days in the 50s and even upper-60s), then having everything turn gray, cold, and just miserable, we're finally able to enjoy spring!

There's certain things that happen in Central New York, that mark the start of spring. These things didn't happen back in February, so we knew even at that time, we weren't getting an early start to spring this year. We didn't know at the time however, just how late spring was going to take to finally show up. Anyway, here are the 10 signs that spring has arrived in Central New York (no matter what the calendar says):

1 - When the birds chirping in the morning wakes you up, but you're actually not mad about it (even though it's an hour before you normally get up).

2 - The sun comes out for more than a day, and you feel warmth in the air.

3 - MOST of the snow has melted. Granted, we didn't say "all," because we know there are areas at higher elevations, or covered by trees that are still going to have a little bit of snow even as we get close to the end of spring.

4 - The F.X. Matt Brewery releases their summer pack of Saranac.

5 - You see lots of garbage bags out on trash day, and know that everyone is working on projects and doing a little spring cleaning.

6 - Ice cream shops and places all over Central New York are opening their doors for the 2018 season.

7 - The brownish, dead grass is fading away and making room for fresh, greener, brighter grass. Everything is coming back to life...

8 - And speaking of everything coming back to life, more people are out and about, whether it's just going for walk, kids playing a game of tag, or people sitting outside enjoying the warmer weather.

9 - You see many people driving with their windows down... Or at least cracked, as everyone is trying to get as much of the fresh air as possible.

10 - Coworkers, friends, and family members have already started mentioning their summer plans. Everyone is talking about concerts coming up, camping, vacations, and other summer and/or outdoor activities.

Yes, spring took forever to get here this year, but it's finally here and we can start enjoying it. We'll still have our chillier days and of course our spring showers, but we know we're heading in the right direction. And before we know it, summer will be here, and there's nothing better than a Central New York summer.




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