We knew the warm weather wasn't here to stay, not yet anyway. But that winter heat wave didn't leave without first breaking many records across Central New York.

Hopefully you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather Wednesday morning and early afternoon. Temperatures throughout Central New York reached into the mid-70s (and even almost up to 80-degrees near New York City), before starting to drop in the afternoon. But before those temperatures dropped, many cities broke their all-time high record for February 21st.

Let's first look at Utica. According to Intellicast.com, an interactive weather website, the highest temperature recorded on February 21st for the City of Utica was 58-degrees, and that was in 1953. We beat that record. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature reached 71-degrees (and that was just before 11am). The City of Utica also beat their high-temperature for the whole month of February, which used to stand at 67-degrees. That record was set on February 19, 1981.

Utica wasn't the only place in Central New York seeing record-breaking temperatures on Wednesday, either. Records were broke for the daily high temperature and the MONTHLY high temperature in a lot of places. Just take a look at our little chart below:

Weather Table with High Temperature Information From Cities Around Central New York

Now, this is just an initial report, so the actual recorded high temps for today in some cities may change, but they're not going to change THAT much (if they even do). You can see how warm it was throughout Central New York, and how much of a record-breaking day it was.

Unfortunately, the cold front has moved through, and we're back into more normal temperatures for this time of the year. But just remember, spring is less than a month away. The warm weather will get here, and be here to stay... Eventually.




[Info Collected From: The National Weather Service - and - Intellicast.com]

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