New York state is about more than just the Big Apple and although it may be cheaper to live anywhere other than New York City, cheaper isn't always better. Nick James of Road Snacks compiled the 10 worst places to live in New York State and 3 of those places are in central New York.

Oneida, Utica and Herkimer all made the top 10 worst places to live taking the following criteria into consideration:

•Unemployment Rates
•Adjusted Median Income
•High Housing Vacancy Rate
•Education (
•Crime Rate

#4 Oneida


Oneida's unemployment rate is in the bottom 5% in the state and crime is in the top 15%. James says "you have a 1 in 25 chance of being robbed every year if you live inside the city limits. Homes are valued at $100,000, which signals lack of demand to live there."

#8 Herkimer


In Herkimer, you have a 1 in 20 chance of being robbed. There are only five other cities in the state with a higher per capita crime rate.

The income levels ($27,284) are near the poverty line for a family of four, and homes are valued well under $80,000 a year. "In looking at the data, it’s just generally crummy in Herkimer, when you’re measuring desirability," says James.

#9 Utica


James doesn't shine a bright light on Utica where he says "crime is the 13th highest in the whole state, per capita. Income levels are just about as low as you can expect, and homes are just about as cheap as you’ll find."

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Do you agree? Are Oneida, Herkimer and Utica the worst places to live in New York state?

It's not all bad in New York state where outside the Big Apple, you'll find big lakes, big mountains and wide open spaces.

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