Regardless of your age, everyone likes to play in the snow; including this 101 year old woman. 

When I was a kid, my grandma and I used to spend lots of time playing outdoors. My summer visits to Brockway Road in Frankfort were always fun-filled. We played a lot of kickball, and most of the time she won. She had a competitive spirit and never liked to lose. She was quite the athlete; she was also in her mid-eighties the last time she beat me!

My grandmother's sister, my Aunt Clara turned 100 over the summer, and she is still living independently in West Winfield. The woman featured in this video was living on her own right up until her 100th birthday too.

No matter your age, it's all about being young at heart. According to

A Canadian man turned his 101-year-old mother into a viral star with a video showing her joy at creating her first snowball of the season. Armand Foisy of Lillooet of British Columbia, posted a video of his 101-year-old mother, Albina Foisy, making a snowball at the side of a road.


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