All across the country 11-11-11 was a very popular day for couples to wed, including Galadriel and Mark Fitzergald who were married in Whitesboro's Hart's Hill Inn last night. "We wanted a date in the future and I thought it was a fun date that I knew he'd remember," says bride Galadriel Fitzgerald.

Other patterned or same number dates are often booked up for weddings. In fact, one of the bridesmaids, Kristen Lott, got married July 7, 2007. "It's really neat to share a special day like that with somebody like the same three digit numbers, its really neat," says Lott.

The next lucky triple digit date is December 12, 2012. Who knows, maybe the single lady who caught the bouquet at the Fitzgerald wedding will get married on that day. "Some people may think it's bad luck but other people think its good luck," says Kristen Lott. "And it does only happen every 100 years."

And get this, Mark & 'Glad' (her friends call her) were also born in the same hospital just hours apart. Whether it's luck or fate, Galadriel and Mark say now they're hoping their lives together are just as lucky as the date is said to be.

Other local weddings were also taking place on 11-11-11. One couple celebrated their vows at the train station in Utica. I'm glad I had the honor of hosting the Fitzgerald event.

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