Here's a fun game you can try with your friends from outside the area.

We have a list of 11 towns scattered across Upstate New York. They'll have very little chance of pronouncing these correctly. Some of them even stump us once in a while--and we know the proper pronounciations. You could even turn this into a wager, with lunch on the line. Have your friends give these a shot:

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  • Schroeppel. Pronounced SCROO-puhl. Located
  • Skaneateles. There’s even a beer named after it (Skinny Atlas) that makes the pronounciation obvious.
  • Mycenae. Located between Fayetteville and Chittenango, very close to Green Lakes State Park. Pronounced my-SEEN-eye
  • Vienna. It’s vye-ENNA for the small town between Syracuse and Utica, unlike the capital of Austria.
  • Valatie. Located in the Capital District, it's pronounced va-LAY-shuh.
  • Taughannock. Make sure you pronounce it tuh-GAN-ock when you visit Taughannock Falls in Ithaca.
  • Lowville. A little bit north of Utica-Rome, it's LAU, not LOW.
  • Greig. Make believe the "i" is not in there. The Adirondack town is pronounced "Greg," like the male nurse Ben Stiller portrays in Meet the Parents.
  • Apalachin. The Southern Tier town is pronounced appa-LAKE-in.
  • Schenevus. A little bit south of Cooperstown, this town is pronounced skeh-NEE-vuss.
  • Unadilla. The thrilla in YOU-nuh-DILL-uh is a thrilling motocross event.

Good luck pronouncing towns OUTSIDE the Empire State, when your friends from across the U.S. fight back with their OWN lists. Sometimes it's a lot easier than it looks.

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