Meet Boris. He's a 12 foot skeleton who now dawns a New York lawn year-round after some 'Karen' complained.

Boris made his debut for Halloween in Endwell, New York. Scott Varcadipane was looking for something to occupy his time after a bad electrical accident left him laid up and unable to work. "We love Halloween and go all out," said Scott. "So last August my fiancé Samantha said I could buy this skeleton."

Boris went up for Halloween but Scott says he put him back up at Christmas time as the skeleton Grinch. That's when 'a citizen' complained. "The day after Christmas we received a letter saying it’s up to us, but we should take him down because it ruined Christmas for them with him out. We even heard they complained to the town about him and was told there was nothing against the law about a naked 12’ skeleton."

Credit - Scott Varcadipane
Credit - Scott Varcadipane

A few months into the new year Scott says someone came to his door offering money to take Boris down. "He told us it bothered him."

Boris isn't coming down. The skeleton is staying up year round. "We plan on continuing this for rest of year having different awareness each month," said Scott.

Boris will celebrate holidays and bring awareness to the community about different things like autism and brain cancer. "We have many more costumes and surprises to come."

Despite the few 'Karens' there are a lot more people who love to see Boris on Country Club Road in Endwell. Many even stop to take selfies. Check out his monthly costumes below and You can also check out his shenanigans on Facebook.

12 Foot Skeleton Dawns New York Lawn Year Round After Some 'Karen' Complained

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