If you had any testing done at Quest Diagnostics in Utica or in Rome recently, your information may be at risk.

The company, one of the country's largest providers of diagnostic testing, recently announced that around 12 million of its customers may have had personal, financial and medical information breached.

According to NBC New York, Quest was notified that between August 1st of 2018 and March 30th, 2019, someone has unauthorized access to AMCA, a billing collections vendor.

"(The) information on AMCA’s affected system included financial information (e.g., credit card numbers and bank account information), medical information and other personal information (e.g., Social Security Numbers)," Quest said in the filing with security regulators

Quest has yet to find out any detailed information as far as the breach goes, but in their filing with security regulators, they say they take the the matter "very seriously and (is) committed to the privacy and security of patients’ personal, medical and financial information."

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