Remember we had written about some dumb laws in New York State a few months back? These 12 are upping the ante. Especially the one about ferrets.

New York State is a very old state rich in history. It also is a trendsetting state in many ways to being that we are home to the largest city in the country. But, we also have some laws that are just completely and utterly baffling. You might shake your head at them, but who knows, in NY that might actually be illegal.

Sometimes you have to think about why something is a law. For instance, wiggling your fingers with your thumb on your nose is illegal. That also is an old way of insulting people or telling them to buzz off. Some laws were put into place when they made sense, and it would take a lot of effort to totally remove them.

Another reason they may not be totally removed is that there are literally just so many of them, to be honest. Remember us posting about some dumb laws a few months ago? We wrote a story about 11 dumb laws around the state of New York, to your amusement more have been found. After a lot of deep diving of the internet, here are 12 more incredibly stupid laws within the Empire State.

12 More Dumb Laws In And Around New York State

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If you do any of the following actions, you might end up with a fine. But odds are you will be safe. Maybe heir on the side of caution though. Except with the flirting one, that one has to be totally wrong.

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