There's been a lot of negativity lately surrounding police officers. I think this statement is an okay one to say in the time we're living in: there's good cops, and there's bad cops. Just like there's good bosses and bad bosses. Good parents and bad parents. It's nice to see when a police officer is given positive feedback or kudos for a job well done.

Just last week, a woman was in a car accident with an individual who was less than pleasant. She was grateful for the Utica PD and the way the situation was handled by one of their officers, who is a 16 year veteran in the Patrol Division.

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The e-mail below was sent to the UPD, which was posted on their Facebook page:

My name is ..... and I am one of the night time charge nurses at ..... and wanted to just share my gratitude and thanks for an incident that happened this past week with Sgt French. On Wednesday morning on my way home I was in a little fender bender right on Burrstone Rd. where I was absolutely at fault. Sgt French was called to the scene to do the accident report and right from the start was so kind and considerate. The gentleman that I had hit was down right rude to say the least to me and French did all he could to keep the situation calm and get him on his way in a timely manor. I have never been in a car accident before and certainly not one where I was driving so I had no idea what to expect. French made sure to walk me through what to expect in the next day or two and even though I knew it was very close to the end of his shift he never made me feel rushed or like an inconvenience. He stayed extra time with me on the road after my car was towed and made sure my boyfriend was there to pick me up before leaving. Later that night he made a special trip back into the department to deliver the accident report to me so I didn't have to make a trip to the office or wait for the report any longer.
Not only was he professional but he went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of and that at the scene things went as smoothly as possible. Please pass on my sincere gratitude for all he did for me and how great of an officer he is! And thank you for all that you and your officers do on a daily basis! You guys are amazing!

We all remember what it was like to be in our first car accident ever, that's definitely something you can't forget. We're grateful for officers like Sgt. French for turning a scary situation into something so smooth and for giving all the information and expectations.

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