Travel season is almost here. You’re excited to board your plane and get out of New York for a little while, but before you head to any airport, you should double-check what you’ve packed. There are plenty of banned items.

Whether you’ve already booked your summer travel or you at least did a once over at potential flight prices, you know that the price of airline tickets is up. According to Nerd Wallet, the price of airfare is trending up 2.7% from April and is about up about 9.6% from the same time in 2019, before the pandemic disrupted travel.

When you get to the TSA gate at Syracuse, Albany, or any other New York airport, you don't want to stand there and have the agents tell you that something at the bottom of your bag is NOT permitted to travel in your carry-on. Now you’ve got a choice to make. Do you toss the item? Or do you cave and check the bag so that you don’t have to throw away something you paid good money for?  Also, your anxiety kicks in making others wait, and your wait time increased.

There are at least 56 items that you CANNOT bring into the cabin as a carry-on but can pack in your checked luggage. Below is an abbreviated version of that list to help you as you prepare for your trip. We figured these are the 19 most important or common items out of a list of 56. Let us know if we missed any by texting us on our station app.

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