Over 15 artists will be showcasing their beautiful artwork in two gallery spaces during the second-annual Art Expo in Utica New York This November.

The event is hosted by 4 Elements Studio. This 2 day expo and art market sale will help with all of your holiday shopping. It's the perfect opportunity according to WKTV to "buy local, buy original and support your community artists."

"The local artists included in the art sale are Nicholas Bonacci, 4 Elements Bead by Bead program; Nicholas Bonacci, 4 Elements Studio Bead by Bead; Kathy Donovan, Luciann Gould, George Henderickson, Dana Kelsey, Victor Lenuzza, Jim Lloyd, David Mentos, Betty Murtagh, Sun Myint, RC Oster, Vartan Poghosian, Marc Anthony-Polozzi, Tim Rand, Steven Specht and Tony Thompson," a release for the event states.

The event takes place at 4 Elements Studio located in the RCIL/Dorothy Smith building at 1607 Genesee Street in Utica. The dates for the expo are November 24th and November 25th 10AM - 5PM both days. The art sale features work from 17 artists in a variety of styles and mediums. For more on 4 Elements Studio, read online here.

Stop by to view and purchase unique gifts, handcrafted by the artists in your community. There will be a variety of artwork to choose from - paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, and more!"

4 Elements Studio's programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature. You can learn how to donate and how to get involved in the local art scene online here.

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