If you have yet to experience the pop greatness that is Rachel Platten’s debut album, Wildfire, then quit denying yourself already!

Despite practically bursting onto the scene in 2014-2015, the “Fight Song” singer’s first full-length was years in the making, so she's no newbie: She's been classically trained in piano since she was five years old, and is an a cappella alumnus of Trinity College. Overall, the relatable songwriter isn’t just the girl next door—she's got a killer voice and shreds a pretty mean guitar, too.

The singer turned 35 on Friday (May 20), and we’re giving her the star treatment she deserves with twenty fun facts that even her super-fans may not know about her. Can you guess which neo-soul legend from the ‘90s inspired her to learn how to beatbox? Or how about which fellow pop star she turns to for advice?

Scroll through our trivia gallery above to learn more tidbits about the singer-songwriter. Happy (belated) birthday, Rachel!

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