Ever felt like you've truly made it?

In a new video premiering today on PopCrush, pop's latest rising superstar Rachel Platten takes us behind the scenes of her whirlwind grand return to her hometown of New York City, where the singer was in town to perform on Live with Kelly and Michael as well as at not one, but two sold out shows.

"Today is an amazing, amazing day!" Platten gushes while getting her hair and makeup prepped for her morning show performance. "I'm gonna be playing at Irving Plaza, the first of my two headlining sold out shows."

Marking a particularly special moment in her career, the Wildlife singer explains how she used to walk to the subway and pass the famed Manhattan music video. "I remember looking up at the marquee and thinking to myself, when I'm playing there, I'll know that I've made it," she reminisces in the clip, adding, "And that was my benchmark; no other venue in the city for some reason. Irving Plaza was it!"

Platten, who rose to fame in 2015 when her uplifting pop anthem "Fight Song" exploded onto radio, remembers how her live performances this time last year were quite different than her March 10 and March 11 shows: "A year ago today everything was really different. I was opening, I was the first of four bands. My name definitely wasn't on the marquee! I think I didn't have a green room. This is pretty crazy, and so I walked by yesterday...I just let it sink in — what this means, what it is, what I've done. It's pretty incredible."

Watch Platten experience the feeling up top.

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