Happy New Year!  2014 is only one day old but we're not done with 2013 just yet.  Remember when Oxford Dictionary named "selfie" as the word of the year for 2013?  Well, "selfie" also tops the list of banished words for last year.Since 1976, Lake Superior State University has revealed a list of the words people wish would be banished.  The list comes out at the end of the year and after more than 2000 nominations on the school's website, "selfie" needs to go away.

Also on the list of words that should be banished are hashtag, Twittersphere, twerk, twerking, fan base, Obamacare and any word that ends in -ageddon.

Would like any other words to be banished?  Kind of a fun thing to think about.

(Source: usatoday)