And we used one in the title, because we're not sure we're ready to erase that word from our vocabulary just yet.

Okay, maybe we should get rid of that one word from our vocabulary. Actually, we should probably get rid of ALL the words on the list, or at least the majority of them. Now, they're not "banished" because they're bad, they're more like overused, and have lost their meaning or their "punch."

Do you know which one in the title was on the list?

Alright, time's up. It's "tons." Naomi Lynn from middays is guilty beyond-belief for that one. "tons of fun," "tons going on," "tons, tons, tons," she's overused that word, and it's probably (partially) her fault this word is on the list.

So what other words made the list of "Banished Words" for 2018?

Well, according to Lake Superior State University, the good people behind the list of "banished words" every year, there are 14 words that have made the list. LSSU's list includes:

Dish – As in to dish out the latest rumor on someone. Let’s go back to ‘talks about’ and leave dishes in the cupboard.

Let that sink in – One could say shocking, profound, or important. Let that sink in.

Let me ask you this – Wholly unnecessary statement. Just ask the question already.

Covfefe – An impulsive typo, born into a 140-character universe, somehow missed by the autocorrect feature.

Fake News – Once upon a time stories could be empirically disproved. Now ‘fake news’ is any story you disagree with...

"Unpack," "pre-owned," and "hot water heater" also made the list.

What about others that have already been on the list?

These are some top ones we found while scrolling through LSSU's archives, that are still used today...

- Epic (banished: 2011)
- Viral (banished: 2011)
- Selfie (banished: 2014)
- Bae (banished: 2015)
- Foodie (banished: 2015)
- So (banished: 2016)
- Break the Internet (banished: 2016)
- Dadbod (banished: 2017)
- On Fleek (banished: 2017)

What words would you like to see added to the list, or put on next year's list?

We think "Most Genius" needs to go... seems to take away from the "genius" part by putting the word "most" in front of it.
"Relationship Goals" - Not EVERYTHING can be "relationship goals." It's lost all it's meaning.
"Doggo" - Overused any time there is a cute dog in question.
"Floof" - Same with above.
"Slide into DM" - What's worse is when an article is written giving you tips on how to slide into someone's DM. Come on.
From Melinda: "Wot" - It's "what," wot is just stupid.
From Jessica: "Hoverboard" - They don't hover. It's a lie.

What would you add to the list? We'll update our list with your word, and your reasoning, just shoot us an email:




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