Perhaps your little one is planning to dress up as the traditional witch, ghost, or super hero this Halloween. However if your son or daughter is hoping to become a Mohawk Valley trend setter, he or she may want to opt for one of these costume ideas:

Frozen Characters

I’m probably only one of two people in all of Central New York that hasn’t seen the movie “Frozen”.  Since I’ve endured many winters here on the tundra of Utica, I should definitely schedule a time to watch it. Even though I’ve never seen the movie I hear that “Let it go” sing along song in my head every single day. Usually it’s the first thing playing in my mind when I wake up in the morning.  I’m really not sure who to blame, the supermarket that plays it perpetually, or my auditory cortex….regardless of my thoughts, the Movie’s Characters Elsa and Anna are two of this year’s trendiest Halloween costumes.  And what little girl doesn’t want to wear a beautiful dress?!

Legos Characters

I’ve built huge cities, dump trucks, fire engines, race cars, animals and vast landscapes ALL out of Legos, but why didn’t I ever think to dress up as a Lego Character for Halloween?  Maybe it’s because there wasn’t a Legos movie when I was kid or perhaps I wasn’t meant to be the heroic genius to come up with this brilliant idea.  I wish it was me because constructing Lego structures was instrumental in making me the man that I am today. You might say it was the building block to my success…sorry terrible pun. Anyway, if your son asks if he can dress up as a Legos Character for Halloween say “Yes!” He’ll be the coolest kid on the block…sorry another terrible pun.


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