DIY Fidget Spinner
Central New York parents and teachers are going crazy over fidget spinners. But why should you buy something when your kids have everything they need?
LEGOLAND Burger Backlash
We've said it before - we're very excited about the possibility of Legoland coming to Goshen, NY. So how could anyone be offended by a restaurant serving a "Legoland Burger"?
Testing Kids Xmas Gifts
Is the anticipation killing you? You buy a great gift for your kids. Now you just have to wait for them to open them on Christmas morning. But you know, sometimes you have to open them early, to "try them out", make sure they work.
Legoland - Not In My Backyard?
We've seen projects in our area that people complain about. So it's no surprise that some residents of Goshen, NY are protesting the building of a new Legoland Resort in their backyard. And they've got some big names in the fight.

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