If you're planning on taking a road trip to see the leaves changing in Central New York, this interactive map will tell you when you can find them at their peak - from Utica to Old Forge.

When Will Leaves Reach Their Peak in Old Forge, and Central New York?

According to the interactive map produced by SmokyMountains.com, Central New York leaves should hit their peak color between September 28th and October 12th, so that's the perfect time to hop in the car and drive to see nature's beauty. We'll argue there's no where to catch the gorgeous colors as the leaves change than Upstate NY.

SmokyMountains.com takes into account all sorts of data when they put together their map, including historical and forecast precipitation and temperatures, along with historical peak leaf data.

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SmokyMountains.com data scientist and David Angotti says predicting the peak isn't easy: "Since the fall foliage map is based on meteorology and predictive patters, the precise moment Mother Nature produces peak fall is difficult to predict. While the refinement of our algorithmic model over the past eight years has helped us achieve reliable results, accurate meteorology predictions are sometimes elusive and never 100% accurate. However, the good news is that the combination of nearly a decade of experience combined with great meteorological data sources ensures we achieve a higher accuracy over time."

With the pandemic curtailing many of the traditional fall events, it's the perfect time to take a road trip to check out the changing colors of fall locally and in the Adirondacks.

Credit: SmokyMountains.com
Credit: SmokyMountains.com

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

As you might remember from your science classes in school, leaves contain chlorophyll, which gives them their green color, and help the leaf change sunlight into glucose. As chlorophyll production slows, the leaf reveals its "true colors" which depend on which chemicals, called carotenoids and anthocyanins, predominates in the leaf.

The changing leaves is one of the very best parts of fall in Central New York, make sure you catch them before they're gone.

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