Do you like flannel? Do you like beards? How about axe throwing? There is one festival in Upstate New York calling your name.

The Foothills Flannel Festival will take place on Saturday October 22nd from 2PM - 9PM at 12 North Sports Bar of Utica. The festival is free to attend. There is all sorts of events happening throughout the day:

All Day

Between 2PM - 9PM, you'll find food trucks, raffles, kids activities, axe throwing games
50/50 raffle cash, Barrel of Booze raffle, and more prizes. You can spend between $5-$10 for axe throwing games for chances to win prizes. Also, you can purchase adult beverages and food from 12 North Sports Bar and trucks all day.

4PM - 9PM

Enjoy live music by Alex Diskin throughout this time.

3PM - 5PM

There will be a Youth Axe Throwing Tournament for ages 12-17. If you'd like to participate, there is a $15 entry fee. There will be prizes for the top three scores. If you'd like to register, you can call or text 412-523-6119, or register at the door by 2PM. A parent or guardian must be present while throwing takes place.


At this time, an Adult Axe Throwing Tournament will take place for those 18 and older. This has a $50 entry fee. You could win cash prizes for the top finishers. There is also a Double Elimination round too.

Prize pool based on number of entries.
To register: Online, call or text 412-523-6119

2PM - 8PM

Throughout most of the event, there will be a Flannel Fashion and Beard and Mustache Contest. You can sign-up at the door for this. Voting will take place all day. Winners announced at 8PM.

Be creative! Fake and real options are welcome!"

If you want more info on the event, you can read more online here.

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