I scream, you scream, we all...you know the rest. We're all happy for ice cream, and now we can get a few licks in at some of Upstate New York's finest, old fashioned ice cream parlors.

Hoppie's (Oxford, New York)

This nostalgic ice cream parlor will put you in a happy place, and will get you singing "Happy Days." This retro shop features a jukebox,  old fashioned tall windows, and fresh dipped ice cream; including a one of a kind peanut butter and jelly sundae.

Ice Cream Eaters
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The amazing Hoppie's even has a sundae called The "Kitchen Sink." This delicious treat features every type of ice cream imaginable and is meant for sharing. Hop into Hoppie's and you may never want to leave.


Jerry's Place (Cooperstown, New York)

We hear the 50's and 60's calling your name, and Jerry's Place is beckoning you. Baby Boomer's everywhere can't believe the extensive array of vintage lunch boxes that are on display at this little gem located minutes away from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ice Cream Cones
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Do you have a favorite old time TV show? If so, you can watch it at Jerry's Place while your licking your way through an ice cream cone, or sipping on one of their 18 uniquely flavored milkshakes.  There's no denying, Jerry's Place will make you forget all about that ice cream headache.


Zeppo's (Mount Morris, New York)

After you've finished hiking  Letchworth State Park you'll probably have a ravenous appetite; and that's OK because Zeppo's ice cream parlor serves up incredibly huge portions.

Ice Cream Guzzler
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In addition to traditional flavors of ice cream, they also specialize in churning up and scooping out wild and crazy flavors like: Cannoli, Lemon Ginger, and Key Lime Coconut. Our favorite flavor is the Ginger Molasses.


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