If you watch or read the news lately you see how many U.S. cities and small towns are losing the battle against violence. Where are the safest small towns in New York State?

Many once "safe" towns across the United States have become "unsafe". Think about it- Even in your city locally, there may now be places you do not want to raise your kids, where maybe 30-40 years ago these neighbors were some of the best and nicest. This problem is not isolated to just a few places in America, it's an epidemic. People are looking for safe places to live, and searching far and wide.

If you are looking for "safe" places to live in New York State, you are in luck. In a recent article by Mediafeed, they listed the 25 "safest small towns" in America and 3 of those small towns selected are right here in New York. Part of their findings are that the cost of crime for small cities increased by 12% from 2019 to 2020. The average U.S. city saw a 15% increase in the cost of crime during the same period. Luckily, New York State cities have some high rankings. So how did Mediafeed create this list?:

To test the theory that small cities and towns are the safest places in America, MoneyGeek analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the cost of crime and ranking small cities and towns nationwide and in every state. This analysis followed MoneyGeek’s previous ranking of the safest large cities in America."

Mediafeed crunched the numbers, and here are the 3 towns in New York State that are selected:

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Let me remind you before you read further, THIS BRAND IS NOT CALLING THESE CITIES OR TOWNS TRASHY. We are simply reporting on a list created by Road Snacks. If you have complaints, direct them towards them. You can do that here. Don't direct hate or anger towards us, we are simply reporting on a list that was sent in to talk about.

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