Having family visit during the holiday season can sound challenging. We want to make it easier with these 3 activities in Utica.

You may dread the big question: “What should we do?” Besides going to restaurants, finding events and activities in the Utica area, despite the area’s rustic charm, may feel limiting during the cold Upstate New York season.

Kickstart your holiday planning with these three places that are bursting with potential to create a festive Christmas for you and your family to enjoy together:

Attend a Utica Comets Hockey Game

Throughout the entirety of December, the Utica Comets have seven, well spread-out, home games in the Adirondack Bank Center at the Utica Memorial Auditorium! Taking your family to a Utica Comet game is an experience of its own whether you like hockey or not! Utica is proud of its professional hockey team so even in a chilly hockey rink, the heat is on.

Visit a Utica Coffee Roasting Company Cafe

Taking your family to the area’s locally-owned coffee shop is a must during the holiday season! Utica Coffee is simply iconic. With their seasonal holiday menu and wide selection of coffee blends and merch you can take home, there will be something for everyone at Utica Coffee! Located in both Utica and Clinton, taking your family to these beautiful cafes will make them feel right at home.

Explore the Munson’s Victorian Yuletide Exhibition

From November 24 - December 31, take your family back in time to the 1800s as the Munson opens its Victorian Yuletide to the public, for free! Experience a Victorian winter home as the Foundation Elms is currently decorated with holiday decor, toys, and treats that take you and your family back to a 19th-century Christmas.

Become The Proud Owner Of The Most Legendary Bars In Upstate New York

When you think of Varick Street in downtown Utica in Upstate New York, these bars probably come right to mind first. You can now become the proud owner.

Those bars are The Stiefvater, and The Varick. The pair is up for sale along with the Paramount Music building. Sickenberger Lane is also part of that deal. The current owners would like to retire, as they have been in business successfully in Utica since 1988.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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In the bustling heartbeat of New York State, there are 10 leading causes of death that are very alarming, and probably not surprising.

The latest data represented here is from the 2021 release from the CDC:

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