Nothing says summer like mouth-watering barbecue favorites, and delicious foods on the go. Here's some of the best food trucks for all that in the Utica and Central New York area...

 1. Come Fry with Me

From: Rome, New York

What Makes Them Great: "Come Fry with Me" has taken a simple side dish (french fries), and turned them into so much more. A lot of places offer 'loaded fries,' but not like this. Just look at their 'Rochester Chili Cheese Fries' or 'Philly Cheesesteak Fries' - They put a whole new meaning on 'fully loaded.' And although fries are their specialty, it's not the only thing they offer - They also serve hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts like deep-fried Oreos.

Best Thing to Order: Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

More Information: You can check out their full menu and learn more about "Come Fry with Me" on their website here.

2. Holy Smoque's BBQ Fusion

From: All Over CNY

What Makes Them Great: If you're a fan of amazing barbecue, and food that's SO flavorful your taste buds are jumping out of your mouth - This is the food truck for you. The quality of food is top-notch like going to a sit-down BBQ restaurant, but you get it in the convenience of a food truck. They have all your barbecue favorites like smoked beef, pulled pork, and chicken, plus amazing barbecue sauces to tie everything together.

Best Thing to Order: Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich with Bacon Beer Beans

More Information: You can keep updated on what's going with "Holy Smoque's BBQ Fusion" by following them on Facebook here.

3. Mangia Macrina's Wood Fired Pizza

From: Herkimer, New York

What Makes Them Great: Good pizza from a food truck is pretty much hit-or-miss, but not with "Mangia Macrina's." It's from a real wood-fire oven that was custom built for their truck. They use local ingredients for their thin-crust masterpieces. If you always questioned pizza from a food truck, "Mangia Macrina's" will change your mind. Not only is it raved about for being the best pizza people have had from a food truck, but for being the best pizza people have EVER had!

Best Thing to Order: You can't go wrong with anything. Just order your favorite pizza toppings and enjoy your own custom pizza.

More Information: You can see their full menu and where they will be parked next on their Facebook Page here.

4. Mr. Z's Street Eatz

From: All Over Central New York

What Makes Them Great: If you're looking for that fair food taste, that original, 'bring back memories,' tasty food truck snacks, "Mr. Z's Street Eatz" is for you. They have all your favorites from sausage and peppers to burgers and fries, and everything in between. They even have breakfast sandwiches if you want to start your day off right.

Best Thing to Order: Hoffmann Hot Dog - Don't forget to add the Kraut, though.

More Information: "Mr. Z's Street Eatz" uses their Facebook Page as they're main website, so to get all their latest information click here.



You have the chance to sample foods from all these places listed and more, during the Utica Brews and Barbecue Event happening at Hanna Park on May 21st. You can get all the details, and get your tickets now for this festival of great foods, by clicking the link below:



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